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Hiring a consultant can add a great deal of value to your organization.  We have the capability to help your company from start-up and throughout its life cycle.  As an outside source, we can objectively evaluate your organization and its situation so that you can make better business decisions.


In addition, a consultant can be cost effective by providing the creativity and skill necessary to complete a wide range of projects that would otherwise require the hiring of additional staff and increased payroll expenses.  Every business is unique, please contact us for an initial consult to go over options on how we can best help your business to succeed.  

Outline of Unique Services:

Small & Start-up Business Consulting:  A complete source of services, designed to get the new business owner off to a successful start and existing businesses back on track.  Our services can help with the formation and start-up of new businesses as well as providing vital assistance to established businesses. 

LLC Formation:  Let us assist you with completing all the necessary start-up procedures to form your own Limited Liability Company (LLC).  In addition to company formation we provide restructuring services for the established business owner in order to streamline operations and increase cash flow.

Business Plan Writing:  Comprehensive Business Plans made to help business owners' secure required financing, attract investors and to provide the necessary strategic roadmap for their company.

Marketing Plan Writing:  Comprehensive Marketing Plans designed to to effectively reach targeted customers and to increase valuable market share.

Trademark & Service Mark Registration:  Overtime your company will build goodwill and its name will become valuable.  Let us assist you with completing all the necessary procedures to protect your company's name.

Fictitious Name:  Let us assist you with properly registering your company's fictitious name.

Business Administration & Support:  Management consulting that is designed to keep your business running efficiently and effectively.  We also provide services that assist owners with the daily operation of their business such as, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resources Management (HRM), Cash flow & Financial Analysis, Employment Applications, Job & Salary Analysis, Manual and Procedure Writing, Notary and more... 

Training, Instructional Development & Coaching:  Specialized business training designed to meet the specific needs of the small business owner.  We provide a wide range of training and coaching solutions to fit your company's needs.  We can provide Computer & Web-based Training Development solutions combined with traditional classroom instruction.  Seminars and workshops are also available in a broad range of topics such as, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Management, Marketing, Sales, Professional Development and more...  Please contact us for an evaluation of your training needs.

QuickBooks Set-up:  QuickBooks basic set-up and training, designed to help the small business owner to maintain financial control of their business.  

Payment Solutions:  We offer convenient and secure payment solutions.  Contact us for more information. 

Business Research:  We provide qualitative, quantitative and/or mixed research methods to assist clients in solving complex managerial problems.  Let us help your business by providing you with the necessary information to make better business decisions, solve problems, and to reduce risk.