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This part of our site is dedicated to provide entrepreneurs with information that is beneficial to the small and start-up business owner.  Below are links to our company's articles, newsletters and other business related resources.  Some of the files are in pdf format and will require the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. 

May 2006 Newsletter May 2006 Jacksonville Business Journal “People on the Move Spotlight” May 2006 Jacksonville Business Journal “The Importance of Employee Training” August 2006 Newsletter October 2006 Jacksonville Business Journal “Develop your Business Mission Statement” December 2006 Jacksonville Business Journal “Three Steps to the Marketing Basics” Spring 2008 SBRN “The Importance of Pricing to Small Business Owners” September 2008 Jacksonville Business Journal “Guerilla Marketing” Fall 2008 SBRN “Master the Marketing Basics” July 2009 Advantage “ Price Right to Succeed” Summer 2009 SBRN “ The Importance of Strong Cash Flow Management”